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The UK Railway Set (UKRS 2) is the updated version of the UK Renewal Set, and is replaced in turn by the UK Revival Set (UKRS 3).


GRF History

Scale comparison of various steam locomotives
Development began in mid-2009, with the intention of making a NARS-compatible version of the UKRS. This version would have NARS-style variable running costs, a 19th-century start date, and slightly rescaled vehicles to represent the difference in loading gauge between the UK and the rest of the world.

The first vehicle I drew for the updated version was the 4-4-0 Edwardian, based on the Midland Railway 1000 Class. As I wanted a new name for the set (to get away from that horrible "renewal" word), it became "Project 1000", after this locomotive. Later, I decided the UKRS acronym was too well known to give up. :)

Changes from UKRS

  • All vehicles have been redrawn to a slightly smaller scale, reflecting the smaller loading gauge found in the UK and moving away from the modified TTD graphics found in UKRS. Vehicle lengths are also more representative.
  • Variable running costs. Locomotives have higher running costs while moving than while stationary, and also become more expensive to run as they age.
  • Takes advantage of new OpenTTD features such as wagon running costs and auto-refitting.
  • More variety in rolling stock and special train layouts (driving cabs, etc). More livery pattern variations over time, and a real-world-like colours feature.
  • Earlier start date. PJ1K is fully playable from 1830.
  • NARS compatibility. NARS 2.1 and PJ1K will have comparable running and purchase costs, the same variable cost routines, and recognise each others cabooses and other special vehicles.

Version History

  • - 1.061
  • Fixed Pendolino having diesel running sounds (seriously?!)
  • Fixed Standard Carriage showing yellow door boards between carriages in some circumstances.
  • Added community-authored translations.
  • 2/1/13 - 1.05
  • Fixed Hitachi A-Train having diesel running sounds (seriously?!)
  • Fixed refit capacity Class 325, and of Mail Carriage when used with Class 325.
  • Increased capacity of Metro Cammell DMU to 25 when fitted to mail.
  • Fixed a few minor sprite errors.
  • 30/12/12 - 1.04
  • Realigned buy menu sprites for dual-headed vehicles in OpenTTD 1.3.0 r24839 and later.
  • Fixed dummy autocoach producing steam effect in some circumstances.
  • Added some carriage colours for addon set locomotives.
  • 22/12/12 - 1.03
  • Added parameter to retire vehicles early, to declutter the purchase list.
  • Add-on set vehicles will be removed if parameters in the main set are set to "Transport Tycoon Style" or "No Wagons".
  • Removed articulated flag from non-articulated vehicles.
  • Replaced TTD maximum speed check (98) with OpenTTD maximum speed check (4C) for OpenTTD 1.3.0 r24831 and later. This means the set will now take timetable, track and bridge speed limits into account when calculating running sounds and costs.
  • De-articulated Compartment Coach - now refits to all pax or all mail. You will need to rebuild any existing Compartment Coaches in running games.
  • Clarified the upgrade of Bogie Bolster in 1950 by splitting into two vehicles (Bogie Bolster and Bogie Bolster B).
  • New smoke-deflector-fitted Pacific sprites for later builds.
  • Deltic now introduced in 1956, with prototype livery.
  • Fix auto-refit flag for andythenorth's Fertiliser Van and Speedlink Open.
  • 02/04/12 - 1.01
  • Fix capacity refit for Metro Cammell DMUs with incorrect livery.
  • Fix 1930 Grain Hopper not appearing due to a refit mask bug.
  • Altered graphics for Mogul.
  • 29/03/12 - 1.0
  • Official set release.


  • 17/03/12 - RC 0.2.2
  • Extended version locomotives will always be active if the add-on set is loaded, regardless of locomotive selection parameter.
  • 17/03/12 - RC 0.2.1
  • Corrected running costs for the Pendolino and Hitachi A-Train in the buy menu.
  • Removed "refrigerated" from the definition of industrial cargo classes, to prevent locomotives changing to black livery when auto-refitting train to food.
  • Added some prep work for the add-on set (action 3 hooks). Doesn't do anything.
  • Added some custom coach liveries for pre-war add-on set locomotives.
  • 14/03/12- pb 0.2.0:
  • 28/02/12 - pb 0.1.0:
  • 15/12/11 - pa 0.9
  • Added 4-6-2 Britannia and 2-10-0 Star.
  • Added auto-refit support for recent OpenTTD nightlies.
  • Added buy-menu hint text for locomotive usage (English only at this stage).
  • 25/07/11 - pa 0.81
  • 19/02/11 - pa 0.8
  • 28/12/10 - pa 0.7
  • Added Class 66, some other vehicles.
  • Added real-world-like colours feature.
  • Added correct smoke position for DMUs and shunter.
  • 19/09/10 - pa 0.60
  • Added a few more DMUs and EMUs, added action 14 parameter settings.
  • 13/07/10 - pa 0.41
  • Added 3rd rail EMUs, early rolling stock, and a few more wagons and locomotives. First mass-release (ie bananas) version.
  • 31/10/09 - pa 0.3
  • Added some early diesels, fixed a couple of sprite errors.
  • 25/10/09 - pa 0.2
  • Fixed the maximum speed of the 8F
  • 25/10/09 - pa 0.1
  • Includes all steam locomotives and steam-era rolling stock


GRF Parameters

Function Details
Locomotive Selection The following options are available:

No Locomotives - No locomotives available. Useful if you want to use the wagons only with a different train set.
Small Selection - A selection of ten 20th century locomotives, no 3rd rail vehicles. Useful for playing with multiple train sets.
Transport Tycoon Style - A range of locomotives similar to the original Transport Tycoon, no 3rd rail vehicles. Ideal for new or younger players.
Normal - The regular range of vehicles in the set. This is the default setting.
Extended - The normal range of vehicles, plus 3rd party contributions created for the UK Railway Add-on Set.

Wagon Selection The following options are available:

No Wagons - No wagons available. Useful if you want to use the locomotives only with a different train set.
Transport Tycoon Style - A range of wagons similar to the original Transport Tycoon, with no introduction or expiry dates and one wagon for each default cargo. Ideal for new or younger players.
Normal - The regular range of vehicles in the set. This is the default setting.
Extended - The normal range of vehicles, plus 3rd party contributions created for the UK Railway Add-on Set.

Single Livery Vehicles will use a single livery variation (and a single colour if real-world-like colours are used) instead of changing over time or being randomised.
Real Colours Vehicles will use real-world-like colours instead of Transport Tycoon company colours. This includes factors like locomotives changing livery over time (eg wartime black) and carriages changing to the appropriate livery for the locomotive hauling them, providing the "single livery" parameter is not also activated.

Note that this is not intended to provide a full survey of historical British trains; it's merely an easter egg for those who prefer 'realistic' looking trains.

Real-coloured containers Use 'real colours' on the Freightliner containers, even when trains use company colours.
Enable Identifier Flags Show UK flags behind the vehicles in the buy menu.
Disable Running Sounds Disable train running sounds (steam chuffs, diesel and electric train hums). Does not affect horn and whistle sounds.
De-clutter Purchase list Remove old locomotives from the purchase list sooner (about 20 years earlier than they would normally disappear).

Download and Discussion

Download the GRF from Bananas, the OpenTTD in-game content system. You can discuss the grf on the forum thread.

Features and Vehicles

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