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The 0-4-0 Industrial is a steam locomotive in the UK Railway Set.

Statistics and information

One livery variation
Type: Industrial Short-distance Tank Locomotive
Introduction: 1890
Withdrawal: 1990
Speed: 25mph
Power: 250hp
Weight: 35t
Tractive Effort: 80kN
Replaced By: EE Shunter

Prototype information

Saddle tank locomotives were used widely on industrial railways and in shunting yards right up until the 1970s. Their low running costs and good pulling power made them an attractive alternative to road vehicles for short trips.

Similar locomotives

Industrial locomotives were made by many manufacturers. The PJ1K model is generic, but is loosely based on Bagnall designs like the one to the right.

Special GRF features

  • Locomotive flips direction when train reverses.
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