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The BREL Class 58 is a diesel locomotive in the UK Railway Set.

Statistics and information

Two livery variations, based on year built and last service
Type: Heavy Freight Diesel
Introduction: 1983
Withdrawal: 2030
Speed: 80mph
Power: 3300hp
Weight: 129t
Tractive Effort: 275kN
Replaces: EE Type 3
Replaced By: EMD Class 66

Prototype information

Known as "bones" due to their shape, the Class 58 was British Rail's first attempt at a modular, American-style locomotive. They were moderately successful on heavy coal drags and similar unit freight trains, but the introduction of the much more efficient Class 66 saw the 58s retired and exported en masse in the first decade of the 21st century.

Similar locomotives

The Class 56 was another heavy freight locomotive of the 1980s which saw early retirement. The 56 was a locomotive featured in the original Transport Tycoon, but I decided to put the 58 in UKRS2 as it has a more distinctive outline.

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