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The 0-6-0 Austerity is a steam locomotive in the UK Railway Set.

Statistics and information

One livery variation
Type: Mixed Traffic Steam Locomotive
Introduction: 1942
Withdrawal: 1980
Speed: 65mph
Power: 1000hp
Weight: 90t
Tractive Effort: 133kN
Replaces: Mogul
Replaced By: EE Type 1, Sulzer Type 2, BR Type JB

Special GRF features

  • Locomotive flips direction when train reverses.

Prototype information

O.V.S. Bulleid is best remembered for his Pacific express locomotives, but the Q1 goods locomotive, designed and built at the height of the Second World War, was perhaps his greatest technical achievement.

Built for heavy wartime traffic, the Q1 was the most powerful 0-6-0 locomotive ever built in Europe, and its simple "Austerity" design with exposed wheels made it very maintenance friendly. It also had a surprising turn of speed, and was used for heavy passenger trains as well as freight.

Film of Q1 Class locomotives in action

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