0-6-0 Freight

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The 0-6-0 Freight is a steam locomotive in the UK Railway Set.

Statistics and information

One livery variation
Type: Freight Locomotive
Introduction: 1911
Withdrawal: 1970
Speed: 50mph
Power: 750hp
Weight: 90t
Tractive Effort: 109kN
Replaces: Goods
Replaced By: Austerity

Special GRF features

  • Locomotive flips direction when train reverses.

Prototype information

0-6-0 tender engines were the backbone of the short-to-medium haul freight business of all the major railways in Britain, and as a whole were second in number only to the 0-6-0 tank varieties. This model in PJ1K represents advanced early 20th century models such as the Midland 3835 Class (LMS 4F) and the NER P3 Class (LNER J27).
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