4-6-0 5AT

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The 4-6-0 5AT is a steam locomotive in the UK Railway Set Add-on Set.

Statistics and information

Four livery variations, based on year built, last service, and prototype status
Type: Mixed Traffic Steam Locomotive
Introduction: 2028
Withdrawal: N/A
Speed: 125mph
Power: 2500hp
Weight: 137t
Tractive Effort: 146kN
Drawn by: lawton27

Prototype information

The Advanced Technology Steam Locomotive is a project by David Wardale to build a new steam engine to run in the UK. The 5AT is based off of the 5MT standard locomotive from the steam era. The 5AT would use modern engineering techniques to make it viable for use on today's railways.

Similar locomotives

David Wardale was behind the Red Devil modern steam locomotive constructed in 1981.

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