2-2-2 Lady

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The 2-2-2 Lady is a steam locomotive in the UK Railway Set.

Statistics and information

One livery variation
Type: Passenger and Fast Goods Steam Locomotive
Introduction: 1859
Withdrawal: 1910
Speed: 60mph
Power: 400hp
Weight: 46t
Tractive Effort: 23kN
Replaces: Coppernob, Crampton
Replaced By: Spinner

Prototype information

2-2-2 was the most popular wheel configuration for mid-19th century express locomotives. The LNWR Problem (or "Lady of the Lake") class were the first locomotives fitted with tender water scoops, allowing the locomotive to travel long distances without stopping for water.

Similar locomotives

Similar locomotives were built by most early railways, including the then-broad-gauge GWR.

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