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The Metro Cammell DMU is a diesel locomotive in the UK Railway Set.

Statistics and information

Fourteen livery variations, based on year built, last service, cargo and train length.
Type: Diesel Multiple Unit
Introduction: 1955
Withdrawal: 2000
Speed: 70mph
Power: 600hp
Weight: 64t
Tractive Effort: 80kN
Capacity: 50 passengers; refittable to any express cargo.
Replaces: AEC Railcar, AEC Railbus, Pannier, Suburban
Replaced By: Sprinter, Express Sprinter

Special GRF features

Prototype information

"Newfangled" DMUs made a big change to the railway scene from the mid 1950s. Replacing steam-hauled trains and older railbusses, their low running costs made many less-trafficked lines viable again, and their decent top speed allowed them to mix with traffic on the main line too.

Similar locomotives

The model in PJ1K is a Class 101, the first and best-known of the early DMUs, but it can stand for any of the first-generation units.

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