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The English Electric Shunter is a diesel locomotive in the UK Revival Set.

Description and Usage

More or less a diesel Jinty, the Shunter is suitable only for the shortest and lightest of tasks.


If a little more speed or power is required, the Swindon Shunter is a modest upgrade. Road vehicles might also be a good alternative in the later game.



The EE Shunter is a diesel locomotive in the UK Railway Set.

Statistics and information

Four livery variations, based on year built and last service
Type: Industrial Short-distance Diesel
Introduction: 1939
Withdrawal: N/A
Speed: 25mph
Power: 350hp
Weight: 50t
Tractive Effort: 155kN
Replaces: Industrial
Replaced By: Bidwell Tripworker

Special GRF features

  • Locomotive flips direction when train reverses.

Prototype information

The humble and ubiquitous Diesel Shunter was first introduced before the Second World War, and hundreds of examples soldier on today in shunting, industrial, and preservation settings.
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