Collett Pannier Tank

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The Collett Pannier Tank is a steam locomotive in the UK Revival Set.


The 0-6-0 Pannier is a steam locomotive in the UK Railway Set.

Statistics and information

Two livery variations, based on year built and cargo type
Type: Mixed Traffic Tank Locomotive
Introduction: 1929
Withdrawal: 1970
Speed: 50mph
Power: 700hp
Weight: 49t
Tractive Effort: 100kN
Replaces: Goods, Jinty
Replaced By: EE Type 1, Metro Cammell DMU

Special GRF features

Prototype information

A 5700 Class Pannier Tank.
The Collett 5700 Class Pannier Tanks were very useful branchline and light freight locomotives, and were produced in greater numbers than any other British steam locomotive except the wartime 2-8-0 8Fs. Over 800 were produced for the GWR and British Rail.

Similar locomotives

Pannier tanks were used only on the GWR, so there aren't really any other comparable locomotives.

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