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The EE Deltic is a diesel locomotive in the UK Railway Set.

Statistics and information

Three livery variations, based on year built and last service
Type: Express Passenger Diesel
Introduction: 1961
Withdrawal: 2000
Speed: 100mph
Power: 3300hp
Weight: 101t
Tractive Effort: 222kN
Replaces: Streak, Britannia
Replaced By: HST

Prototype information

English Electric's "Deltic" locomotives were the most powerful in the world when they were introduced in 1961. Their twin naval-origin Napier Deltic engines gave them their name, a very distinctive engine note, and very high maintenance requirements.

Similar locomotives

The prototype Class 50, DP2, was built in a Deltic bodyshell and looked outwardly similar, despite being a completely different (and less powerful) locomotive inside.

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