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The InterCity 125 is a diesel locomotive in the UK Revival Set.

Description and Usage

The HST is the fastest non-electric train in the set, and is most suitable for long-distance passenger trains.



The BR HST is a diesel locomotive in the UK Railway Set.

Statistics and information

Six livery variations, based on year built, last service, and prototype status
Type: Express Passenger Diesel
Introduction: 1976
Withdrawal: 2030
Speed: 125mph
Power: 4500hp
Weight: 140t
Tractive Effort: 160kN
Capacity: 20 bags of mail
Replaces: Deltic, Sulzer Type 4
Replaced By: EMD Class 67, Bombardier Voyager

Special GRF features

Prototype information

The British Rail Intercity 125 was the fastest diesel train in the world when it was introduced in 1976. Since that time it has become as iconic as the Gresley A4, and re-engined HST locomotives are expected to serve well into the 21st century.
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