Bombardier Voyager

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The Bombardier Voyager is a diesel locomotive in the UK Railway Set.

Statistics and information

One livery variation.
Type: Diesel Multiple Unit
Introduction: 2001
Withdrawal: N/A
Speed: 125mph
Power: 3000hp
Weight: 86t
Tractive Effort: 160kN
Capacity: 60 passengers
Replaces: BR HST
Replaced By:

Special GRF features

Prototype information

Virgin Trains introduced these lightweight, long range, high speed DMUs as a replacement for old HST sets in 2001. The class 221 "Super Voyagers" feature active tilting through corners to increase speed and efficiency.

Similar locomotives

The Class 222 'Meridian' is essentially the same locomotive, built for another operator. With the decision to shelve the diesel version of the Intercity Express, the Voyager and Meridian will probably be the last high-speed diesel trains used in the UK.

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