BREL Renewal EMU

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The BREL Renewal EMU is a 3rd rail locomotive in the UK Railway Set.

Statistics and information

Three livery variations, based on date built and last service.
Type: Electric Multiple Unit
Introduction: 1964
Withdrawal: 2020
Speed: 90mph
Power: 1000hp
Weight: 72t
Tractive Effort: 136kN
Capacity: 64 passengers
Replaces: Southern EMU
Replaced By: Electrostar

Special GRF features

  • Dual-headed EMU.
  • Can only haul Standard Carriages.
  • This is a 3rd rail locomotive. It requires a suitable rail grf to be installed.

Prototype information

British Rail's '4CIG' was designed to replace earlier BR and Southern Railway designed EMUs.
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