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The GEC Class 91 is an electric locomotive in the UK Railway Set.

Statistics and information

Two livery variations, based on year built and last service.
Type: Express Passenger and Fast Freight Electric
Introduction: 1988
Speed: 140mph
Power: 6300hp
Weight: 84t
114t (with DVT)
Tractive Effort: 289kN
Capacity: 20 bags of mail (with DVT)
Replaces: AL6
Replaced By: Pendolino, A-Train

Special GRF features

  • Can only haul High-Speed Carriages or Freightliners (but not both mixed together).
  • Dual-headed train set with DVT when used on Passenger trains. DVT disappears when used on Freightliner train.
  • Locomotive flips direction when train reverses.

Prototype information

The Class 91, also known as the Intercity 225 (after its design speed in km/h), was British Rail's ultimate high-speed train design. Ever practical, the locomotives were also given a second cab in the flat end, to allow them to be used on high-speed container freights.
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