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The 4-6-0 Jubilee is a steam locomotive in the UK Railway Set.

Statistics and information

Two livery variations based on year built
Type: Express Passenger and Fast Goods Steam Locomotive
Introduction: 1934
Withdrawal: 1975
Speed: 90mph
Power: 1550hp
Weight: 126t
Tractive Effort: 118kN
Replaces: Edwardian
Replaced By: Sulzer Type 2, EE Type 3, BR Type JB

Prototype information

The Stanier Jubilee is a famous LMS express locomotive. Designed by William Stanier along GWR lines, and sharing a basic boiler design with the 8F and the almost identical Black 5, the Jubilee was fast and powerful, but less expensive than a larger Pacific.

Similar locomotives

The GWR never built Pacifics; their largest express locomotives were 4-6-0s, and the Jubilee stands for them in PJ1K. I included the Jubilee rather than a GWR design because the Jubilee is an original TTD locomotive, and the GWR is already well represented by the Pannier Tank.

Another significant 4-6-0 is the LNER B17.

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