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The North American Renewal Set (NARS2) is a train set for TTDPatch (2.6 a0 r1889 and later) and OpenTTD (0.6.1 and later). It is a complete train set for all three climates, with vehicles from 1850 to 2050.



The first version of NARS, 1.0, was envisaged in mid 2005, and released in April 2006. The updated version, called NARS2, was released on the 29th of August 2008.

Version History

2.03 - 28th Aug 2009

  • Fixed Mail Car showing wrong sprite in buy menu in OTTD after 2000
  • Fixed Trainmaster, SD45 and Genesis showing wrong sprite in buy menu in OTTD
  • Fixed SD45 not being recoloured with passengers as player 2

2.02 - 21st Feb 2009

  • Fixed weight of first generation American
  • Fixed incorrect HP on generational American, 10-Wheeler and Consolidation when not first vehicle in the train
  • Fixed sprite error on Heritage Mail Car fitted to valuables
  • F59PHI now never retires

2.01 - 20th Jan 2009

  • Fixed refittable capacity of the Bilevel Passenger Car

2.0pb8 - 27th Oct 2008

  • Adjusted capacity of the Single Hopper
  • Adjusted load rate of the Single, Double and Large Hoppers

2.0pb7 - 09th Oct 2008

  • Fixed graphic error in the early Gondola
  • Fixed Steel Coil Car availability

2.0pb6 - 13th Sep 2008

  • Fixed stat errors on the SD45
  • Fixed stat errors in the metric regearing texts
  • Removed check for electrified railways patch option

2.0pb5 - 11th Sep 2008

  • Fixed sprite errors on Canadian Hudson

2.0pb4 - 7th Sep 2008

  • Fixed sprite errors on large hopper and 50' gondola

2.0pb3 - 3rd Sep 2008

  • Fixed TE and HP stats on the Universal B and C

2.0pb2 - 31st Aug 2008

  • Fixed the Interurban not updating in 1900

2.0pb1 - 29th Aug 2008

  • Initial release



Website and Download

This set is also available for download in OTTD via BaNaNas.

TT-Forums discussion thread
Website for NARS 1.0

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