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The Gresley Mogul is a steam locomotive in the UK Revival Set.


Description and Usage

The K2 Mogul is both moderately fast, and moderately powerful. It's a good choice for passenger trains too heavy for the slightly faster Greyhound, and remains useful for secondary services even when the Pacific and Jubilee are available.

Graphical Variation

Moguls built or serviced after 1933 will appear with an upgraded "Scottish" locomotive cab.



The 2-6-0 Mogul is a steam locomotive in the UK Railway Set.

Statistics and information

One livery variation
Type: Mixed Traffic Steam Locomotive
Introduction: 1912
Withdrawal: 1960
Speed: 60mph
Power: 1100hp
Weight: 105t
Tractive Effort: 114kN
Replaces: Spinner, Goods
Replaced By: Suburban, Austerity

Prototype information

With better tractive effort than 4-4-0s, mixed traffic 2-6-0s became popular around WWI and were widely built by all four railways in the interwar period.

Similar locomotives

Gresley K1
PJ1K's Mogul is not based on any one locomotive, but is intended to be broadly representative of locomotives of this type. These locomotives include the pre-WWI GNR Gresley K1 and the GWR 4300 Class, and the later LMS Hughes Crab and SR U class.
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