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The English Electric Type 3 is a diesel locomotive in the UK Revival Set.


The EE Type 3 is a diesel locomotive in the UK Railway Set.

Statistics and information

Seven livery variations, based on year built, last service, and cargo type
Type: General Purpose Diesel
Introduction: 1960
Withdrawal: 2020
Speed: 80mph
Power: 1750hp
Weight: 107t
Tractive Effort: 256kN
Replaces: Jubilee, 8F
Replaced By: BREL Class 58, EMD Class 66, Costar Junker

Prototype information

The British Rail Class 37 was the longest-lived and most successful Type 3 diesel. Introduced by English Electric in 1960 as a medium-powered replacement for steam locomotives such as the Jubilee and Standard 5, it was a mainstay of the British locomotive fleet until the 21st century.

Similar locomotives

The EE Type 3 represents all early medium-powered diesels, including Classes 37 and 40.

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