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The UK Railway Add-on Set (UKRS2+) is a grf containing additional vehicles for UKRS2. Vehicles from this set may be moved to the "Extended" vehicle set of the main UK Railway Set grf.

These vehicles are primarily drawn (or modified from my sprites) by other people. Vehicles may be submitted for inclusion via the forum thread and UKRS2 Extended Tracking Table.


Version History

  • 2/1/13 - Gobi
  • Reduced Speed, TE and running cost of Royal Scot.
  • (Possibly) Fixed flashing pixels on Brush Type 5. I'll get it next time.
  • 30/12/12 - Fauntleroy
  • Fixed Coronation showing wrong buy menu stats under certain conditions.
  • 30/12/12 - Eggnog
  • Incremented the version number this time.
  • Fixed Eurostar not appearing if 3RDC not defined.
  • Realigned buy menu sprites for dual-headed vehicles in OpenTTD 1.3.0 r24839 and later.
  • Updated sprites for Merchant Navy and Light Pacific by Scuddles.
  • Slightly decreased weight and purchase cost of 0-4-4 Metropolitan.
  • Added 0-6-0 Pannier II by Scuddles, Brush Type 5 by coalroads artist, and 4-6-0 Royal Scot by SquireJames.
  • 22/12/12 - Dreadnought
  • Removed articulated flag from non-articulated vehicles.
  • Replaced TTD maximum speed check (98) with OpenTTD maximum speed check (4C) for OpenTTD 1.3.0 r24831 and later. This means the set will now take timetable, track and bridge speed limits into account when calculating running sounds and costs.
  • Add-on set vehicles will be removed if parameters in the main set are set to "Transport Tycoon Style" or "No Wagons".
  • Sorted Add-on Set vehicles correctly in the buy list.
  • Corrected length of Baby Deltic.
  • Added (Diesel) to name of Class 14.
  • Added SR CC and EE 10000 by oberhümer, BREL APT, BREL Wessex EMU, GEC-Alstom Eurostar and GE PowerHaul by Lawton27, and 2-6-0+0-6-2 Garratt and 0-10-0 Banker by Scuddles.
  • 19/04/12 - Centaur
  • Added 0-4-4 Metropolitan, 4-4-2 Suburban, 2-6-2 Arrow, Clayton Type 1, EE Baby Deltic, Metrovick EM1, Metrovick EM2, and Brush Avocet.
  • Added more wagons by andythenorth.
  • Updated Warship and Leader with sprite fixes by tablecat.
  • 17/03/12 - Beaufort
  • Added new colour maps for the Coronation ('blue and silver' and 'maroon and gold').
  • Added buy menu text hints for the King Arthur and Klondyke.
  • Added London Underground Stock (Gate Tube, New Works Tube, Victoria Tube and Adtranz Tube).
  • 17/03/12 - Aphid
  • Set reboot; better integration with the main set.
  • Migrated EE GT3, GWR Railmotor, NER EE1 and NER EF1, 0-6-0 Tram Engine, 0-6-0 Hunslet, 2-6-2 Prairie and 2-6-2 Ivatt to the main GRF.
  • Readded Class 313 and King Arthur.
  • Added Warship, Western and Class 14, Leader, Klondyke, Coronation, Merchant Navy, and Light Pacific.
  • 28/06/11 - 1.1
  • Added 2-6-2 Prairie, 4-6-0 King Arthur, 2-6-2 Ivatt.
  • Added Fertiliser Van and Speedlink Open Wagon.
  • Added real-world-like colours feature.
  • 22/11/10 - 1.0
  • First version, with 6 locomotives (Hunslet, Railmotor, EF1, EE1, GT3, and 313).
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