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The Johnson Jinty is a steam locomotive in the UK Revival Set.

Description and Usage

The smallest and cheapest steam engine in the set, the Jinty is suitable only for the shortest and lightest of tasks. Typically, it would be used for connections where road vehicles would be more suitable in later periods.


The 1929 Collett Pannier Tank is faster and considerably more powerful, while the 1939 English Electric Shunter is a more direct replacement. As road vehicles become more capable, they may also be suitable replacements.



The 0-6-0 Jinty is a steam locomotive in the UK Railway Set.

Statistics and information

Three livery variations, based on year built and cargo type
Type: Freight Tank Locomotive
Introduction: 1890
Withdrawal: 1970
Speed: 45mph
Power: 500hp
Weight: 50t
Tractive Effort: 89kN
Replaces: Goods
Replaced By: Pannier

Special GRF features

  • Locomotive flips direction when train reverses.

Prototype information

0-6-0 tank engines were ubiquitous across the british rail network. They were all known as Jinties, but "the" Jinty is the Midland/LMS 3F
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