0-6-6-0 Leader

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The 0-6-6-0 Leader is a steam locomotive in the UK Railway Set Add-on Set.

Statistics and information

Type: Heavy General Purpose Experimental Steam Locomotive
Introduction: 1949
Withdrawal: 1984
Speed: 70mph
Power: 2000hp
Weight: 130t
Tractive Effort: 205kN
Drawn by: oberhümer

Prototype information

In his "Leader" locomotive, Bulleid took the labour-saving and economy improvements found in his Q1 and Pacific designs to the extreme. Encased in a diesel-locomotive-style shell, the Leader was powerful and sure-footed, but unreliable, overcomplicated and unpleasant to operate. Only one of the 36 ordered by the SR was completed, and it was scrapped by BR in 1951, having never been used in revenue service.
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