BREL Class 313

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The BREL Class 313 is an electric locomotive in the UK Railway Add-on Set.

Statistics and information

Three livery variations, based on date built and last service.
Type: Electric Multiple Unit
Introduction: 1976
Withdrawal: 2026
Speed: 75mph
Power: 880hp
Weight: 72t
Tractive Effort: 128kN
Capacity: 56 Passengers
Drawn by: mallardtheduck

Special GRF features

  • Dual-headed EMU.
  • Can only haul Standard Carriages.
  • Requires at least one center carriage.
  • Can run on 3rd rail or overhead electrified rail.

Prototype information

The Class 313 was the first 2nd generation EMU built for British Rail, and the first British rail vehicle which could collect current from either 3rd rail or overhead lines at speed.
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