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The 2-8-0 8F is a steam locomotive in the UK Railway Set.

Statistics and information

Two livery variations, based on year built
Type: Heavy Freight Steam Locomotive
Introduction: 1933
Withdrawal: 1975
Speed: 50mph
Power: 1550hp
Weight: 128t
Tractive Effort: 144kN
Replaces: Mineral
Replaced By: Star, EE Type 3

Prototype information

The Stanier 8F was a major break from the "small engine" policy the LMS inherited from the Midland Railway. Powerful and sure-footed, Stanier's design became the standard heavy freight locomotive produced by the British government during WWII, until it was replaced by a simplified "Austerity" version redesigned by R.A. Riddles.

Between the Stanier and Austerity versions, almost 2000 8F locomotives were produced by the workshops of all the major railways and private contractors, making them the most-produced steam locomotive in British history (and even if you don't count them as the same model, the Austerity is still the most-produced, with the Stanier in the top five). After the war, 8Fs were to be found working as far afield as Iraq, Scandinavia and Hong Kong.

Similar locomotives

GNR Class O2

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