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The English Electric AL6 is an electric locomotive in the UK Revival Set.


Description and Usage

The AL6, or Class 86, was British Rail's first standard mainline electric locomotive, incorporating lessons learned from pilot AL1 - AL5 classes.

The AL6 is the first electric locomotive in UKRS3, and allows for much faster and heavier passenger trains than the 1959 EMU. It can also be used on high-speed goods trains, but is considerably more expensive to run than smaller diesel locomotives, so should be reserved for when its extra power is needed.


In the late 1980s the AL6 is supplanted on top-flight services by the InterCity 225, and can be effectively replaced on secondary services by the late-game EMUs. The Class 92 is an effective replacement on heavy freight.



The EE AL6 is an electric locomotive in the UK Railway Set.

Statistics and information

Five livery variations, based on year built, last service, and cargo type
Type: Express Passenger and Fast Freight Electric
Introduction: 1965
Withdrawal: 2020
Speed: 100mph
Power: 3600hp
Weight: 81t
Tractive Effort: 258kN
Replaces: AL1
Replaced By: Class 90, Class 91, BR Class 321

Prototype information

The AL6 was British Rail's first standard AC locomotive. After the introduction of later express locomotives and multiple units displaced them from express passenger service, many of the class found a new lease of life hauling fast container traffic.

Similar locomotives

The AL6 / Class 86 was followed by the similar Class 87. Both locomotives were featured in the original Transport Tycoon.

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