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The BREL APT is an electric locomotive in the UK Railway Set Add-on Set.

Statistics and information

One livery variation
Type: Express Passenger Electric Locomotive / EMU
Introduction: 1980
Withdrawal: 1990
Speed: 140mph
Power: 8000hp
Weight: 140t
Tractive Effort: 380kN
Drawn by: lawton27

Special GRF features

  • Dual-headed train set.
  • Can only haul High-Speed Carriages.
  • Requires at least two center carriages.
  • Tilting EMU - takes corners faster.

Prototype information

The APT-P was a prototype express passenger train, which ran on the west coast main line. For 23 years it held the UK speed record of 162.2mph, the project was abandoned after the APT-P's short service due to many technical problems. However various technical features of the train where used in the GEC Class 91 and technology was sold to Fiat and is used in Pendolino trains worldwide. The predecessor to the APT-P was the APT-E gas turbine locomotive.

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