McDonnell Douglas DC-10

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The McDonnell Douglas DC-10 is a jet aircraft in av8.


Introduction 1971
Withdrawal 2032
Aircraft Type Large
Cruising Speed 600mph
Capacity 250 pax & 40 mail, or 220 crates of goods
323 pax & 40 mail, or 240 crates of goods (1991 - MD11)



The Douglas DC-10 was McDonnell Douglas's first and only wide-body jet. Originally the DC10 was designed with two engines like the Airbus A300, but the third was added when launch customer American Airlines wanted better takeoff performance.

In 1990 an updated version of the DC-10 called the MD-11 was introduced, with a longer fuselage, larger wings and updated avionics. The DC-10 was also built in a military transport/refuelling tanker version, named KC-10 Extender.

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