De Havilland Comet

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The de Havilland Comet is a jet aircraft in av8.



Introduction 1952
Withdrawal 1987
Aircraft Type Small
Cruising Speed 448mph
504mph (Comet 4, 1958)
Landing Speed 144mph
Capacity 44 pax & 10 mail, or 30 crates of goods
74 pax & 15 mail, or 50 crates of goods (Comet 4, 1958)



The world's first jet airliner, de Havilland's Comet was the pride of the British aviation industry in the early 1950s. Two early airframe losses to metal fatigue, however, saw the Comet project grounded for years; by the time the definitive Comet 4 was produced in 1958, it was out of fashion and a generation behind the Boeing 707 and Douglas DC-8. Nevertheless, Comets saw service with British independent operators well into the 1970s, and in the form of the Nimrod patrol aircraft with the RAF until 2010.

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