Douglas DC-3

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The Douglas DC-3 is an early aircraft in av8.


Introduction 1936
Withdrawal N/A
Aircraft Type Small
Cruising Speed 168mph
224mph (BT-67, 1990)
Capacity 30 pax & 10 mail, or 40 crates of express cargo, or 20t of industrial cargo
40 pax & 20 mail, or 60 crates of express cargo, or 30t of industrial cargo (BT-67, 1990)



Rugged, dependable and fast, the DC-3 revolutionised air travel in the United States. It was later produced in huge numbers for the American military during WWII, as well as being produced under licence in Russia.

As "the only replacement for a DC-3 is another DC-3", a handful of these aircraft remain in service with niche operators today, many rebuilt as the Basler BT-67 turbine upgrade.

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