Lockheed L-188

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The Lockheed L-188 is a turboprop aircraft in av8.

Commonly known as the 'Electra', it is not to be confused with the earlier Model 10 Lockheed Electra.


Introduction 1958
Withdrawal 1999
Aircraft Type Small
Cruising Speed 376mph
Capacity 80 pax & 20 mail, or 80 crates of express cargo, or 40t of industrial cargo
30 pax & 60 mail (Combi)



Like the Bristol Britannia, the American Lockheed Electra was only produced in small numbers, as jet airliners of a similar size were more appealing to the large airlines. After they fixed a minor problem with the wings falling off, the L-188 found a niche as a commuter airliner, for cargo, and as the Navy's P-3 Orion.

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