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General av8ion is an addon grf for av8, although it does not require av8 to run so can be used with other planesets if you like. The latest version is 1.0.

Genav8 was originally to include aircraft up to the size of 19-seat regional airliners. However, since smaller aircraft (down to 10 passengers in size) are now included in av8 2.0, General av8ion has been limited to small aircraft which are mainly of use as "eye candy".



1.0 - 29th of July 2011

  • No longer requires the main av8 grf
  • removed Cityliner

0.2 - 31st of August 2009

0.1 - 6th of February 2009

Website and Download

Available from the OTTD in-game download service (BaNaNaS).

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