Douglas DC-9

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The Douglas DC-9 is a jet aircraft in av8.


Introduction 1965
Withdrawal 2035
Aircraft Type Small
Cruising Speed 560mph
504mph (MD-80, 1980)
Capacity 72 pax & 20 mail, or 60 crates of goods
155 pax and 25 mail, or 90 crates of goods (MD-80, 1980)




The small and speedy DC-9 was one of the longest-produced jetliners of all time, with a production run spanning 41 years. Although the original DC-9 and MD-80 are inefficient by modern standards, Douglas' design continues to be updated and produced in the 21st century as the Comac ARJ21.

Over 2500 DC-9s, including the later MD-80, MD-90 and 717 models, were built.

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