BAe 146 / Avro RJ

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The BAe 146/Avro RJ is a jet aircraft in av8.



Introduction 1983
Withdrawal 2023
Aircraft Type Small
Cruising Speed 400mph
Capacity 100 pax & 20 mail, or 90 crates of express cargo, or 45 tonnes of industrial cargo
30 pax & 60 mail (Combi)


BAe 146 - Avro RJ.jpg

The BAe 146/Avro RJ was purpose-built for short and difficult runways (e.g. Vágar Airport in the Faroe Islands) which previously could only be served by turboprops. The four small turbofans are also very quiet, which makes it optimal for noise restricted city airports, e.g. London City Airport.

As a modern British airliner, the BAe 146 is operated by the RAF as a transport aircraft, including as VIP transport for the royal family.

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