Airbus A300

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The Airbus A300 is a jet aircraft in av8.



Introduction 1973
Withdrawal 2023
Aircraft Type Large
Cruising Speed 560mph
Capacity 260 pax & 40 mail, or 200 crates of goods (Oversize refit available from 1995).



The A300, the first product of the Airbus Industrie consortium, was the first twin-engine wide-body aircraft. The A300 was the result of a number of european companies co-operation with the target of a 300 seater "flying bus". Production ended in 1997 after 561 aircraft.

The A300 has also been built as an oversized freight transport, the A300-600ST Beluga. The Beluga is a refittable variant in av8 from 1995 onwards.

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