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TaI UK Houses is a house set. It is made using (heavily) modified original graphics.

The set will work in all 3 climates, although the houses are not currently desert- or snow-aware.

Features of the set include;

  • Population limiting feature that slows the growth of towns, and makes the growth of towns more uneven - not every village will become a metropolis just because it has a bus service!
  • Road-sensitive buildings that will face the nearest road.
  • Minimum building lifespans which prevent towns from replacing buildings that are less than a certain age.
  • Population-based construction limits on parks, statues, stadiums, high-rise buildings, churches etc.

I consider this set a work-in-progress, as I would like to add more buildings in the future. However, it's perfectly playable in its current state.

You can download the current version, beta 0.3, from the forum thread or banananas.

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