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The Lunar Climate features an entirely new set of industry chains. The climate features stockpiling for all secondary industries, requirements for industry placement, and new graphics.


Industry Summary

Primary Industries

Impact Site
  • Produces carbon brick
  • Located on lunar seas
Ice Mine
  • Produces water
Silicates Mine
  • Produces silicates
Solar Array
  • Produces electricity

Secondary Industries

  • Stockpiles water, carbon brick; Produces food, oxygen
Materials Mill
  • Stockpiles electricity, silicates, carbon brick; Produces materials
  • Stockpiles electricity, carbon brick, materials; Produces goods
  • Stockpiles water; Produces fuel, oxygen
  • Stockpiles water, oxygen; produces nothing.

Tertiary Industries

Rocket Factory
  • Stockpiles goods, materials; Produces rockets.
Launch Site
  • Stockpiles goods, fuel, rockets; Produces nothing.
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