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Control Cars are wagons which can control a locomotive from the rear of the train, allowing a normally one-directional train to run backwards safely.

Trains in TTD cannot actually run backwards, so control cars in TTD are represented by switching the graphics of the vehicles in the train. They have no real gameplay effect and are just for appearance sake.


Control Cars in NARS2

  • Bilevel Passenger Car
  • Automatic Control Car (Bilevel Cab Car) with; E-Unit, F-Unit, PA, FA, Train Master, GP9, Universal B, GP30, SD45, GP38-2, F40PH, AEM-7, GP60, F59PHI, and P42DC.
  • Mail Car
  • Automatic Control Car (Cabbage) if built in the year 2000 or later, with; F-Unit, F40PH, GP38-2, AEM-7, GP60, F59PHI, P42DC.

Control Cars in UKRS2

  • Clerestory Carriage
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