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The UK Renewal Set (UKRS) was my first GRF. Originally intended as a rehash of the original TTD vehicles, it has ended up a full replacement train set, featuring rail vehicles from the United Kingdom, 1920 to 2050. It is a company coloured set and is quite popular in OTTD multiplayer.

The final version of UKRS was 3.04, and was released on the 20th of January 2007. The next version of the UKRS is called the UK Railway Set.


GRF Parameters

Number Function
0 disable running sounds if set to 1
1 climate availability (1 = temp, 2 = arc, 3 = both)
2 disable "shunting" behaviour if set to 1

So for example, to have the set available in temperate only, and with running sounds and shunting active, you would put newgrf/pb_ukrs.grf 0 1 0 in your newgrf.cfg.

Player opinions and guides

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