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The North American Renewal Set requires a number of patches to be active to function correctly. There are a number of additional settings which will add to the playing experience, but are not mandatory.

The minimum version requirements are TTDPatch 2.6 a0 r1889 or OpenTTD 0.6.1. Additionally, to run the 'extended set' before the year 1920, you need to be using OpenTTD r13375 or later. Older versions of OTTD or TTDPatch only have vehicles from 1920 onwards.

Required Settings

TTDP OpenTTD Reason
newtrains n/a
newcargos n/a A special "cargo" is used to allow the regearable locomotives to be refitted.
fullloadany Leave station when any cargo is full, if 'full load' The regearing cargo is, obviously, never loaded in stations, so the trains must be able to leave despite the locomotives being "empty".
variablerunningcosts n/a These are used extensively in NARS.

Additionally, the set will be deactivated if other sets are loaded with the Dynamic Engine Pool patch in OTTD, unless the appropriate NARS GRF Parameter is set.

Recommended Settings

TTDP OpenTTD Reason
freighttrains Weight multiplier for freight I would recommend setting this to at least 5. There are many very powerful locomotives in the set, and you won't get full use of them otherwise.
curves and mountains Realistic acceleration Realistic physics will make the game more enjoyable. The first digit of both "curves" and "mountains" in TTDP should be set to 3.
wagonspeedlimits Wagon Speed Limits This feature should be turned on to make best sense of the various locomotive types.
inflation Until a better solution is found, it is recommended to turn inflation off when playing before the year 1920. Otherwise, extreme inflation becomes a problem later in the game.
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