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The North American Renewal Set takes several grf parameters. The parameters should be entered with a space between each number;

  • after the grf filename in newgrf.cfg for TTDP
  • by clicking the "Set parameters" button in the newgrf window in OTTD

GRF Parameters

Number Function Details
1 disable features; add the numbers together 1 = disable running sounds
2 = disable locomotive regearing
4 = disable steam loco wheel animation
2 climates the set is used in; add the numbers together 1 = Temperate
2 = Arctic
4 = Tropic
3 livery cycle Many locomotives in the set have four different liveries. Normally, player 1 gets livery 1, player 2 gets livery 2, etcera. The value of this parameter is added to the player number; for example, if the parameter = 2, then player 1 will get livery 3
4 miscellaneous features; add the numbers together 1 = company coloured boxcars before 1940
2 = Canadian version
4 = maglev runs on monorail track (In TTDP, UnifiedMaglev takes precedence anyway)
8 = use 'finescale' track graphics
5 safeguard overrides; add the numbers together. 1 = allow the set to be used with potentially incompatible trainsets in OTTD (Dynamic Engine Pool)
4 = ignore version checks and load extended set (long dates, etc) in TTDP or older OTTD
6 more misc features; add the numbers together 1 = allow snowplough 'locomotive' in arctic
2 = use km/h in refitting texts

So, for example, 1 7 3 6 0 2 would result in the running sounds being disabled, the grf available in all climates, player 1 with livery 4, the Canadian version activated and maglev on monorail track, no safeguards deactivated, and km/h in the refitting texts.

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