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These little grfs modify the costs of building infrastructure. Their purpose is to make the game more challenging, and to encourage players to build in the landscape, rather than just flattening, bridging and tunneling the landscape into insignficance.

There are two grfs; pb_build.grf and pb_bridg.grf. Because these grfs contain no graphics, there are no separate DOS versions.



This grf modifies the base costs of building infrastructure.

Download it here


This grf modifies the costs and statistics of the bridges. The full and proper name of this grf is Expensive, Short and Slow Bridges, just to make sure you're fully aware of what you're in for. ;)

Bridge Year Length Speed Cost
Wooden 1800 0 to 12 50 mph 40
Concrete 1920 0 to 2 60 mph 40
Girder, Steel 1850 0 to 8 70 mph 70
Suspension, Steel 1900 3 to 5 40 mph 30
Cantilever, Steel 1875 3 to 12 150 mph 120
Girder, Steel 1875 0 to 3 100 mph 80
  • Length does not include ramps.
  • All other bridges are completely disabled (yes, no tubular bridges).

Download it here


If both grfs are used, pb_bridg.grf should be loaded after pb_build.grf. pb_bridg.grf will also complain if my viaduct is loaded, as the viaduct wasn't designed with this grf in mind - it will still work, but the viaduct will be ridiculously expensive, and/or will have its stats changed to those of the wooden bridge.

pb_bridg.grf should be compatible with other grfs such as roadsets which change the bridge graphics, but it should be loaded after any such sets, otherwise the bridges may end up with an odd mixture of properties, or pb_bridg may be overriden altogether.

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