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Hello! If you're reading this page I assume you want to help out with the wiki. Thanks!

Unfortunately I've had to disable anonymous editing to keep the spammers out. Creating an account requires making up a username and password, then sending me a private message on the TT Forums to get your account activated.


Where photos are required, Public Domain images are much preferred. Please add a note in the description when uploading saying where you got the image: Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons are good sources of PD photos (but by no means are all photos on those sites PD!).

Also, in the interests of not using up too much of Owen's server space, please don't upload high-resolution images. The 800x preview you will get on Wikipedia is usually more than large enough.

Page layouts

Wherever possible, I'd like a uniform look to, for example, all vehicle pages. I'm a bit finicky about these things so please don't be offended if I edit pages you've created.

Thanks, and happy editing.

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