Finescale standard gauge and 3rd rail

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Finescale standard gauge and 3rd rail (pb_trax) is a new track types grf. It contains tracks for 3rd rail locomotives such as those in UKRS2. The GRF is available for download from Bananas, the in-game content service in OpenTTD.




The GRF contains four rail types; Normal Rail, 3rd Rail Electric, Overhead Electric, and Dual Electric. The graphics are drawn to a slightly narrower gauge, and a much narrower rail profile, than the default graphics.

UK-style road crossings are provided, and will vary between 4 different types depending on the town zone and the current year.



The GRF has five different depots, varying by railtype and build date. Special thanks must go to andythenorth for allowing his FIRS industry graphics to be used in the creation of these. The custom depots may be disabled via the grf parameters if you would prefer to use the default or another newgrf depot.

Signals, Catenary and Fences

The GRF contains new graphics for the signals, overhead electic catenary and fences. These are all individually disable-able via the grf parameters.

The signals in particular, being "realistically" scaled, are very hard to see at normal zoom levels, so many players may wish to use the default or other newgrf signals instead.

Download and Discussion

Download from Bananas (where it is known as "UK Railway Set tracks"), the OpenTTD in-game content system. You can discuss the grf on the forum thread.

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